Beranda ยป News ยป This is the Country Order of the First and Last New Year 2018

This is the Country Order of the First and Last New Year 2018

The turn of the year is certainly a moment that is always awaited by the entire population of the world. Every night of December 31 every city in the world will be spilled by people who will celebrate the turn of the year, as well as the turn of 2017 to 2018, which will be celebrated in a few hours.

However, the time difference in each country will make the new year celebration not occur simultaneously in some parts of the world.

For the first countries to celebrate the new is Samoa (Apia), Kiribati-Christmas Island and Kiritimati.

Meanwhile, for a country that celebrates the turn of the last year is a country that is on a small island island around the United States.

Meanwhile for Indonesia, the turn of the year is also divided into 3 zones namely Eastern Indonesia Time, Central Indonesia Time and Western Indonesia Time.

In fact, there are 39 local time distributions around the world and it takes 26 hours for all countries in the world to celebrate New Year’s turn.

Here’s the order of countries and cities in the world celebrating the turn of the Year in 2018, according to the timing difference:

  1. Sunday (31/12) At 17.00 pm, Samoa.
  2. Sunday (31/12) At 18:00 pm, New Zealand and some regions in Antarctica, Tonga, Kiribati
  3. Sunday (31/12) At 19:00 pm A small part of Russia, Marshall Island, Nauru
  4. Sunday (31/12) At 20:00 pm Australia, Vanuatu, a small part of Antarctica
  5. Sunday (31/12) At 20:30, 21:00, and 21:30 pm sequential areas in Australia
  6. Sunday (31/12) at 22.00 pm Japan, South Korea, Eastern Indonesia
  7. Sunday (31/12) At 22.30 WIB North Korea
  8. Sunday (31/12) at 23:00 pm China, Philippines, Singapore, and Central Indonesia
  9. Monday (1/1) at 00.00 Western Indonesia Time, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, parts of Mongolia, a small part of Antarctica, and Christmas Island (Christmas Island)
  10. Monday (1/1) at 00.30 pm Myanmar and Cocos Islands
  11. Monday (1/1) At 01.00 am Bangladesh, Butan, Kazakhstan
  12. Monday (1/1) At 01.15 WIB Nepal
  13. Monday (1/1) At 01.30 WIB India and Sri Lanka
  14. Monday (1/1) At 02.00 am Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and parts of Russia
  15. Monday (1/1) At 02.30 WIB Afghanistan
  16. Monday (1/1) At 03.00 am Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Seychelles, a small part of Russia
  17. Monday (1/1) At 03.30 am Iran
  18. Monday (1/1) At 04.00 am Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, and some countries in Africa
  19. Monday (1/1) At 05.00 am Greece and parts of Africa
  20. Monday (1/1) at 06.00 am Germany and Western Europe
  21. Monday (1/1) at 07.00 am Britain and some African countries
  22. Monday (1/1) at 08.00 am Cabo Verde, Portugal, and part of Greenland area
  23. Monday (1/1) At 09.00 am some parts of Brazil
  24. Monday (1/1) At 10.00 am part of Brazil, Argentina, Greenland, Paraguay
  25. Monday (1/1) At 11:00 am some parts of Canada and some countries of South America
  26. Monday (1/1) At 12.00 am, some states of the United States, Colombia, Ecuador
  27. Monday (1/1) at 13.00 pm some countries of the United States and South America
  28. Monday (1/1) At 14:00 pm some parts of the United States and Mexico
  29. Monday (1/1) At 15:00 pm some parts of the United States, Canada, and Mexico
  30. Monday (1/1) At 16:00 pm Alaska and the French Polynesian Islands region
  31. Monday (1/1) At 16:30, 17:00, 18:00, and 19:00 pm small island island around the United States. [* / 4ld]